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July 28, 2017 – Success in Small Business Ownership: Choosing the right entity formation for you – know your options

Nevada is known for its business friendly environment and entity formation ease. Knowing your entity formation options will help you have a more educated conversation with your tax advisor when setting up your business entity. From small retailers to large manufacturers entity formation serves a vital role in your liability protection and tax advantages.  David Nilssen of Guidant Financial explains the 4 basic entity structures in this informative video.  

July 14, 2017 – Success in Small Business Ownership: Rollover Your Retirement Fund Tax Free

Nevada offers business opportunities in a booming marketplace however you’ll need money to buy the business and working capital. Do you have a retirement fund? If so, you may qualify to rollover your retirement fund TAX FREE!  This rollover option allows you to lend “yourself” money without a required repayment plan giving you the chance to invest in you! Learn more in Guidant’s Video ROBS 101

July 7, 2017 – Success in Small Business Ownership: How do you know if you’re an entrepreneur ready for the Las Vegas Business market?

In Nevada we have a strong diversification of main street business ownership from first time business owners to “serial entrepreneurs”. David Nilssen CEO of Guidant Financial shares his views regarding successful characteristics. Watch this quick video to help you determine if you are an entrepreneur.