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Please contact Jessica Weiss, Esq. of Weiss & Moy, PC, for assistance with E-2 visa applications at jessicaw@weissiplaw.com, company website  www.weissiplaw.com. She offers free consults over the phone to give you some initial direction on this matter. 

Attorney Weiss has 20 years of experience working with E-2 foreign investors, helping small to large foreign business owners from a variety of business types. Our brokers have worked with her for many years on their E-2 visa business deals and have been very happy with her work. She also has been successful in changing E-2 investors into various immigration categories so they can obtain green cards. 

Attorney Weiss has created very clear charts explaining in detail various visa processes (including the E-2 visa process) to live and work in the US. View these here.
The E-2 investor visa is expected to become more popular in the coming years as more foreign investors see the benefits of this type of visa. It is a great way to come to the US quickly for a business owner. This type of visa also allows for your spouse and children under 21 to join you in the US and your spouse can also get a work permit. 

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