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Las Vegas is getting ready to welcome guests back!

Famous Las Vegas Welcome Sign

Get ready people, the casinos in Las Vegas are about to open their doors to the public who have been waiting impatiently.  June 4th can't get here soon enough!

Don’t expect the same casinos and hotels that were operating pre- Covid. The hotels are taking many precautions that have not even been disclosed to the general public. You can be sure that the casinos really want their guests back and are willing to make the precautionary changes necessary to make sure you feel safe.

There certainly appears to be a lot of pent-up demand from people across the country who want to come back to Las Vegas and Las Vegas is preparing to welcome them back with open arms, at a distance of course.

Visitors can expect some exceptional deals and many gaming promotions to lure back the millions that visit Las Vegas each month. Small Las Vegas businesses are open for business, restaurants are now open for dine in service (with reduced capacity), and the city almost feels back to normal minus the masks at the grocery stores.

One question asked by would be visitors is will the famous Las Vegas buffets still be available? Currently, there does not appear to be a clear answer on the buffets. However, we are certain that the hotels will figure out a way to keep their patrons coming back again and again.

To quote that familiar song “Viva Las Vegas” and welcome back!