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Your business has value!

A question lurking in the minds of many business owners’ is should I re-open my business or leave the doors closed?

Closed Business Sign - Open Business Sign

It is unfortunate that the business owners who came through the recession are simply tired and now with Covid just they don’t have the energy to continue.
Some business owners are deciding not to re-open however that is not their only option. If you are one of those business owners, please consider that your business has value. At least contact a professional Business Broker so they can perform a valuation to discuss if your business is saleable. It is worth the effort to make the call as businesses are being sold even if the business is currently closed, this includes restaurants, gyms and more.

Before deciding to just “walk away” we urge small business owners to contact a professionally trained and fully licensed business broker.
First Choice Business Brokers of Las Vegas may be able to provide some business owners the much-needed option of selling vs. closing.