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First Choice Business Brokers Las Vegas

Welcome to First Choice Business Brokers

Jeff Nyman of First Choice Business Brokers

We bring you the experience, expertise, and resources you need to buy or sell a business!

Since 1994 First Choice Business Brokers Las Vegas has created successful Business Sale Transactions by:

   ●  A consultive approach with both Buyer and Seller from valuation through transfer of ownership, always creating a win-win outcome

   ●  Negotiating between Buyer and Seller by keeping their end goal in mind which is a smooth transition of ownership with terms that are       acceptable to both

   ●  Facilitating the sale by being a conduit of information between Buyer and Seller

   ●  Navigating the process between Buyer, Seller, Closing Entity and Lenders

 We listen, apply our knowledge, and prioritize your needs.  From inquiry to close we are committed to confidentially serving our clients.  If you're looking to buy or sell a business, don't settle for anything less than our professional, experienced business intermediaries.

Business owners, when it is time to reap the rewards of your years of hard work, plan to enhance your business' value with effective pre-sale planning , market positioning and optimized deal structure.  Your approach to selling your business will determine your legacy.  Our passionate team of professionals and our comprehensive processes will get the job done. 


Don't risk seriously undervaluing your largest asset.  Our free-of-charge valuation service can highlight intangible assets that will reflect a true estimation of your business' worth in today's market.


We understand and respect the nature of confidentiality, and we know that the release of sensitive information must be controlled. First Choice adheres to strict codes of conduct to preserve the confidentiality of your business transaction.

As experienced business brokers, we know you've worked hard to achieve success. That's why you deserve experienced, licensed professionals who specialize in the sale of businesses - you need First Choice Business Brokers. We are large enough to offer buyers the greatest selection of Las Vegas businesses available yet small enough to give sellers individual attention. 

Our team of business brokers are not only licensed by the state of Nevada each business broker has also obtained a special Nevada State Business Broker Permit which is required to sell businesses in Nevada .

Six Considerations When Selling Your Business

1 ) Assess the current state of the business.

Is it performing well? Are there any potential red flags that will make buyers hesitate? Before presenting your business for sale in the market, a thorough assessment will uncover any deficiencies so that you can correct the issues and prepare your business for sale. An interested buyer will look for financial stability and overall growth potential.

2 ) Consider Your Goals. 

When considering selling your Las Vegas, NV business, factoring in your personal goals is essential. Ask yourself the following questions: 

   ●  What do you hope to attain by selling your business?
   ●  Are you looking to retire or move on to a new venture? 
   ●  What is your timeline for selling?

These are all important considerations that will help you determine the best course of action for selling your business. 

3 ) Know the Tax Consequences

You want to know what taxes you will owe and how to best structure your business's transfer to minimize the tax liability. Before selling your business, consider the tax consequences and factor them into your bottom line. Include capital gains tax on the sale and all applicable taxation in Nevada. 

4 ) Know The Future of Employees

You may have employees who have been with the Company for several years. You will want to consider their future by knowing what will happen to them once after the transfer of ownership. Will they be able to keep their jobs? What will their severance be? These are essential questions before selling your Las Vegas, NV business.

5 ) Consider Your Emotional Well-being

The decision to sell can be very emotional. Preparation will help you resolve intense emotions and help you be confident throughout the selling process.  

6 ) Understand the Current Market Conditions

Consider factors like the economy's health, the strength of your specific industry, your business's niche, and factors affecting businesses like yours. By understanding the current market conditions, you will be in a better position to negotiate fair transactions during the sale of your business. 

The Pros of Buying an Existing Business in Las Vegas, NV

1) Tax Breaks

First, Nevada does not have a corporate income tax. You are free from the franchise, gift, and personal income tax in La Vegas, NV. Tax breaks make purchasing an existing business in Nevada more affordable than in other states. 

2) An Existing Infrastructure

Established businesses typically have the infrastructure, saving the buyer considerable time and money. It will likely have established relationships with suppliers, customers, and other key stakeholders and provide a level of certainty and stability for the new owner. 

3) An Established Brand Will Reduce Start-Up costs

An established brand gives you a leg up on new brands and an existing customer base. An established brand saves money on initial start-up costs, legal fees, market research, and website development that the previous owner has incurred. 

4) Securing Loans

Banks and other financial institutions are typically more willing to lend money to an existing business than to start-ups. The lender can see that the Company performs and will support the debt. The Company has a proven track record and reputation. 

5) Witness Cash Flow From Day One

Upon buying an established business, you immediately see the cash flow generated by the ongoing business. You will have a good indication right of the health of the Company and see its growth potential. 

Buying and Selling a Business- FQA's

What are some common mistakes people make while buying a business? 

●   A common mistake is not doing enough homework! It is essential to understand the business you are buying, its industry, and the market conditions at the time of purchase. 
●   Another common mistake is not having a plan or vision for growth potential.

What processes are involved in buying a business?

The first step is to find a business that meets your specific criteria. 
Next, perform due diligence by evaluating products or services and understanding the competitive landscape. 
Finally, negotiate an acceptable purchase price and terms with the seller. 

Why do people sell a successful business? 

There are many reasons to sell. The owner has considered the timing and chosen the best time for them to sell. Perhaps retirement, a need to cash out, or take their profits and invest them in a new venture. 

What should I watch for while buying an online business?

To purchase an online business, you will want to be aware of technological advancements in the domain. Changes take place quickly, and you want to be ahead of the curve. A professional advisor will help with due diligence. Here's a start at what to look for: 

Storage space
Professional site design
Safety protocols in place
Mobile applications
Powerful metrics
Marketing tools

How Do I Know the Value of the Business Before I Buy?

Carefully studying the Company to understand its worth in Las Vegas, NV. Look for profit margins rather than just revenue and understand the metrics. 

Transparency by the seller makes the business more attractive to a buyer. To be confident about the facts, consider hiring a Business Broker for professional advice. 

What liabilities are associated with buying a business?

Your First Choice Business broker in Las Vegas, NV, helps to protect your interests when buying a business. Look for hidden liabilities and costs, the possibility of inheriting debt, and the risks associated with that particular business. Due diligence always pays off in the long run.


Contact First Choice Business Brokers Las Vegas today to find out how you can buy or sell your business! 


We bring you the experience and expertise you need to buy or sell a business - that's why business owners call us their First Choice.