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Visa Opportunities for Investors, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

First Choice Business Brokers provides needed experience creating great success with clients seeking immigration to the United States through business ownership. If you want to immigrate to the U.S. you've come to the right place for help.

First Choice has business broker professionals that know the in's and out's of business sale transactions that involve Visas. We have also partnered with highly specialized attorneys that have a proven track record of making the American Dream of business ownership a reality for you! 

For additional information, continue reading about E-2 Visa Immigration .

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One of the fasting growing ways to come to the US is to create or buy a US business and apply initially for an E-2 visa. One must invest a "substantial" amount of money and buy an active business that has employees other than the initial investor. Even if the business is just beginning to develop it must show the potential for future economic growth. If you wish to explore this possible way to come to the US please contact Jessica Weiss, Esq., Immigration Attorney, with 20 years of experience in helping foreign buyers obtain E-2 visas as well as other business visas including a variety of green card categories. She offers free brief consults and would be happy to give you some direction in your pursuit to live and work in the US.